JEMlogoWhat is a JEMMap? A JEMMap is a robust interactive presentation of your Community.

Our interactive maps show more than location or destination. A JEMMap presents those unique characteristics and features of a place which make it special to the people who live there.

A JEMMap is not just another typical business location map. Take a minute to explore one of our sample interactive maps to see the difference. We produce interactive maps that encompass a wide range of elements which make up the communities they represent. Our digital map presentations include parks, schools, churches, historical sites, points of interest, entertainment venues, and of course, local businesses. We can also reference event locations and news items pertinent to your organization. Once your map is completed you can either link to it on our server or embed it into one of your own webpages.
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Contact us soon to get an interactive JEMMap from JEM Maps for your community website.



JEMlogoEnhance Your Website Add a truly useful resource tool by displaying a JEMMap on your site.

Increase the traffic flow to your website by providing the latest in digital mapping technology. Your JEMMap can showcase areas of new development, announce important events or pinpoint your community’s unique historical landmarks.

Your interactive map will be a great resource for the members of your organization, for your community, visitors, and new residents.

JEM Maps, LLC – map features

  • Categorical Listings
  • Community Listings
  • Sidebar Selection Menu
  • Business Listings
  • Street View, Satellite View
  • Tabbed Information Windows
  • Driving Directions
  • Website and Email Links
  • Local Search
events parks history business
Local Events Parks and Greenspace Historical Places Businesses

JEMlogoHelp Local Business Provide a more rewarding place to advertise

A JEM Map reinforces the shop local concept by providing an environment that combines both business and residential services.

By making our maps more inclusive of the total community we have developed a product that attracts more of the local market.

Business owners will appreciate the benefits of reaching their most important target audience . . . their local community. Pop-up information windows display business contact information, website links, and creative display ads. Advertising may also be customized to include animation, links to online menus, and additional text such as hours of operation, coupons or special offers.

  • Local Exposure: Get your share of the market
  • Color Display Ads: Ad design is free
  • True Local Search: Only businesses on the map are indexed
  • Special Offers: Opportunity to display special offers or coupons
  • Driving Directions: Street by street directions to your door



JEMlogoA Community Map Conventional business maps are one-trick ponies, your website deserves something more.

With an interactive map from JEM Maps your web visitors can quickly locate area parks, churches, schools, historical landmarks and local businesses all on one map.

The JEMMap's interface allows the user to view locations categorically. As categories are selected, the map is populated with location markers and a side menu lists the items alphabetically for easy selection. A JEMMap is not a replacement for a business member directory on your website but it is an additional resource that appeals to a much wider audience.

Multiple category viewing is one thing that separates it from most other online maps. The ability to select and display multiple categories simultaneously, allows the user to compare various locations across different categories. This makes it easy to see relationships between the various aspects of a community. For example, new or prospective residents in your area can quickly see the proximity of schools to parks and parks to coffee shops without the need to flip between multiple windows.


JEMlogoThe Difference A JEMMap is not just a Business - to - Business map.

There are a number of ways to get JEMMap interactive mapping on your website. We can customize a map to suite your needs and keep the cost within your budget. It's even possible for your organization to generate additional non-dues revenue by adding a JEMMap to your website.

Does your Community have new developments that are not curently available on Google, MapQuest or Yahoo maps? Not a problem, we can build a map that will display projects that are still in the planning stages and are not currently visible on any web-based cartography.

Take a minute to explore the difference with one of our sample interactive community maps:

Waupaca - Waushara - Baraboo - Menomonee Valley - Evansville Historic District

An interactive map from JEM Maps can more fully represent the Business and Residential and Development Planning aspects of your community. Contact us for more information and we will be happy to discuss all available options with you.

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